News from Meadow Ridge

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Gift Ideas for Seniors

This time of year, many anxiously watch the days on the calendar flip by as our shopping carts, both physical and digital, remain empty.

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Insights from the Director of Resident Experience

There are few things, if any, as important at Meadow Ridge as the wellness of residents. All the programs, activities, day trips, meals and amenities are focused on supporting active, healthy bodies, stimulated minds and nurtured souls.

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Mom, Dad, There’s Something We Should Talk About

With Thanksgiving just days away, and the holiday season on the horizon, the next several weeks are sure to include a cornucopia of festive meals, football Sundays, and enough family bonding to sustain the average person through a lengthy winter.

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Why We Moved to Meadow Ridge

Nearly a year ago, Bob Wylie and his wife made the decision to leave their Greenwich home of more than 50 years and move north to Meadow Ridge and the Connecticut countryside.

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Top 10 Move-In Tips

Moving can be stressful. For anyone. Feelings of anxiety, fear and confusion can be overwhelming, and for older adults, these emotions can be compounded when the decision is made to leave a home they’ve spent decades creating.

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