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Creative Outlets for Seniors

Creative expression has a powerful impact on health and well-being. Art therapy has long been used as a tool in a wide range of settings including rehabilitation, educational, medical and mental health. It’s also recently been shown to be effective with the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. According to the …

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What’s the difference between a CCRC and a Life Care community?

What is a CCRC (continuing care retirement community)? How about a Life Care community definition? Is there a difference? If you’re a senior searching for the best retirement living options in Connecticut, these are some terms that may be confusing to you. There are important distinctions between communities offering Life Care and those offering continuing …

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Lifelong learning educational classes for Connecticut seniors

Lifelong Learning for Seniors A healthy mind-body connection is crucial to getting the most out of life at any age. However, as we get older, this becomes even more important. Many scientific studies over the years have shown that a mix of both physical and intellectual activity as we age helps us maintain our overall …

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Where to Stay After Hospital Discharge: What Connecticut Seniors Should Know

After a health event that requires hospitalization, going home to live independently isn’t always practical, or even safe. Many people will need rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy, speech therapy or nursing care until they’re fully recuperated. Deciding upon the best course for care for yourself or your loved one isn’t always easy to do. …

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What’s the difference between a skilled nursing facility and senior rehabilitation?

A common area of confusion for those seeking and evaluating care options for a loved one is the difference between skilled nursing and senior rehabilitation. Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and rehab facilities offer different services and carry different costs. In a nutshell, rehab facilities provide short-term, in-patient rehabilitative …

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Meadow Ridge Transforming to Better Meet Residents’ Needs

Today’s seniors are leading more active and engaged lives. As a result, they expect more out of their senior living communities. This often revolves around issues of choice – choices in fitness and wellness options, choices in dining venues, opportunities to learn new things and continue to enjoy vibrant social lives. As active seniors demand …

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