FAQs About Our Life Plan Community

Frequently Asked Questions

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Chances are you have some questions. There’s also a good chance they’re similar to ones that other people are asking. We invite you to take a few minutes to peruse these questions and answers to learn more about Meadow Ridge. Then, please contact us to learn more or ask your own specific questions.


What is independent living?

Independent living communities like Meadow Ridge are designed for adults age 62 and over who desire the conveniences of community life without the burdens of home maintenance. Some communities offer an enriched lifestyle with recreational, social and educational opportunities, while others provide only housing and a minimal amount of services and amenities.

What is a Life Plan Community?

Life Plan Community is a new name that replaces the older name “continuing care retirement community.” Life Plan Communities like Meadow Ridge focus on an active lifestyle and community engagement while also offering more than one level of care on a single campus.

A Life Plan Community follows the definition of a CCRC set by NIC:
Age-restricted properties that include a combination of independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services (or independent living and skilled nursing) available to residents all on one campus. Resident payment plans vary and include entrance fee, condo/coop and rental programs. 

What services and amenities are available at Meadow Ridge?

Meadow Ridge offers a comprehensive array of services and amenities, including restaurant-style fine dining, casual dining, a library, full-service salon and barber shop, auditorium, fitness center, indoor pool and more. Plus, our transportation team will take you wherever you need to go.

Do I have a choice of entrance fee options?

Yes. Meadow Ridge offers several different levels of refundability to address an individual’s financial and estate planning goals.

Will I have a voice in this community

We encourage residents to participate in the community’s many resident committees and clubs — all focused on different aspects of community life. Residents are able to actively participate in decisions that affect programming, activities, outings and more. For more information, complete our contact form and a helpful staff member will get in touch with you right away.


What is LifeCare?

LifeCare is a comprehensive approach to senior living that brings everything you want and need together in one place. At Meadow Ridge, you enjoy a wonderful place to live, convenient services for easy living, and a wide variety of activities and amenities. Plus, you have peace of mind and financial stability with unlimited access to assisted living and health care services all under the same roof.

How much does LifeCare cost?

If you receive care at our Ridge Crest Health Center, you will benefit from receiving predictable, below market rates that may apply depending on your personalized care plan.

How does Long-term Care Insurance compare to LifeCare?

Long-term care insurance generally covers the cost of long-term care not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. With LifeCare, the cost of higher levels of care such as assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation are already covered by your set monthly fee.

It’s important to note that most long-term care policies do not guarantee where you will receive care. Many well-respected healthcare centers have a waiting list, so you could end up receiving care at a  less desirable facility. With LifeCare at Meadow Ridge, you are assured of receiving care right here, in the community you’ve come to call home.

Another important factor to consider is cost. The average daily cost for nursing care in Connecticut is $357 per day for a semi-private room and $385 per day for a private room, but the average long-term care policy only pays $100 to $200 per day. You could end up paying $185 to $285 each day for a private room, which can add up fast. With Meadow Ridge’s LifeCare program, these services are already included in your monthly fee. The only additional cost you pay is to cover two extra meals per day, plus any special costs such as prescriptions and medical supplies.

If I move to Meadow Ridge, can I use my long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance can be used to subsidize your cost in Independent Living or when you need additional services like Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing; while that depends upon your plan, we are happy to review it with you so that you understand how you can leverage your plan to the maximum. So while long-term care insurance isn’t necessary at Meadow Ridge, it could provide an extra layer of security and financial savings leveraging your long term care policy instead of using your savings.

What does LifeCare give me that I can’t get anywhere else?

Senior long-term care, especially assisted living and skilled nursing care, is expensive. Meadow Ridge’s LifeCare program gives you an easy way to control future costs with a predictable monthly fee.

Why can’t I just wait until I need health care to move?

To be eligible for LifeCare, you must move to Meadow Ridge as an independent living resident. While we do allow direct admittance to rehabilitation and skilled nursing at Ridge Crest Health Center, admittance is based on availability. If you wait until you need health care, space may not be available and, if it is, you will be required to pay standard rates. You also will have missed out on the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages and amenities that independent living residents enjoy.


What is assisted living?

Assisted living provides a distinct combination of individualized care, familiar neighborhood surroundings and professional expertise. Residents are assured ongoing wellness evaluations and levels of care that address their specific needs. Licensed, compassionate staff assists with daily tasks as needed, and the many amenities available in assisted living help residents more easily enjoy what matters most to them.

How do I know when someone needs assisted living?

It’s best to start with a physician’s assessment. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, or that of your loved one, you can match needs to the right level of assistance. When help with daily tasks is needed — taking medications, bathing, dressing, meals, transportation and housekeeping — assisted living can be the answer. Trained professionals provide support while helping preserve an individual’s independence.

What if my loved one needs more than what’s provided in assisted living?

At Meadow Ridge, we offer a continuum of care. In addition to assisted living, we provide skilled nursing, rehabilitation services and support for residents with memory impairment. These programs provide round-the-clock care for individuals recovering from illness or injury or those needing more long-term supervision or support.


What is skilled nursing care?

Skilled nursing is for those who need greater care while recovering from a hospital stay or require longer-term care. Professional, compassionate support is delivered around the clock by licensed professionals, including RNs, LPNs, certified nurse aides and certified medication aides. We also offer custom programs that encourage maximum social interaction and preserve dignity.

When is skilled nursing necessary?

Skilled nursing is usually required after an illness or injury. These are some conditions that often require skilled care for seniors:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac failure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Other major illness
  • Hip or bone fracture
  • Fall-related injury
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Severe osteoarthritis

When would someone need long-term care?

Potential candidates for long-term nursing care include those who are dealing with an ongoing health condition or disability chronic or severe pain, a chronic medical condition, permanent disability, dementia, or those who need help with activities of daily living.

What is respite care?

Professional caregivers provide short-term, round-the-clock care in a comfortable, secure environment. Loved ones can receive compassionate care and excellent amenities for a few hours or even a few days. Benefits of respite care can include assistance for a loved one after a hospital stay or during illness, a short break for family members, or needed support when you’re traveling.


What does physical therapy and rehabilitation include?

Meadow Ridge provides short- and long-term rehab through physical, speech and occupational therapies. Resident and nonresident seniors can receive expert care from our skilled therapists and speech pathologists using the most advanced treatments and technologies.

Is occupational therapy the same as physical therapy?

Occupational therapy is similar to physical therapy in that it helps to restore strength and mobility. Occupational therapy also helps people adapt to their social and physical environment through education in things like dressing, memory training and coordination exercises.

What can I expect from speech therapy?

Our skilled speech and language pathologists address communication issues and swallowing dysfunction. They’ll design treatment plans to help with language ability, provide alternate communication strategies and give appropriate diet recommendations.