Nina Boles

Director of Resident Care
Nina Boles

Resident Care Director, Nina Boles, recently came to Meadow Ridge after a CNA and home-care nurse career.

As part of her daily duties, she issues certifications, completes assessments, and interacts with residents and their families.

Whether a resident needs to go to the hospital or is ready to return to the community after a hospital stay, she ensures they get what they need for services.

Nina started as a certified nursing assistant (CAN) and later went to nursing school. After nursing school, she worked in clinical oncology. However, after having her daughter, she decided she wanted something different.

So, she started working in home care and fell in love with it.

“There something about the connection,” she says, adding that it takes a special skill set. “You can’t teach someone how to go into people’s homes and be empathetic to their needs in the home setting.”

After a while, she was promoted to a supervisor but felt it wasn’t the best use of her skills.

“I really wanted to get back in with residents and patients,” she says.

When the opportunity to interview for the job at Meadow Ridge came up, she felt she had found the right place. “I felt like it was a good fit,” she says. “I love it here.”

The best part of the job, Nina says, is “seeing the residents day to day and working with their families, finding out how I can help them.”

When she’s not working, Nina is a member of the Trumball Mamas service group, where she participates in many activities with her 5-year-old daughter.

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