Senior Living Testimonials

Envision yourself at Meadow Ridge

The best way to learn what it’s really like to live at Meadow Ridge is to hear from the people who live there. We invite you to read the stories of these residents as they share their experiences — and advice.


With a lifetime of experiences in everything from serving as a founder of Norwalk Community College, to volunteering, to still managing her own business, Lea is an expert in enjoying a full and active life. She says "I came here and found there’s so much to do, and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Lenore "Lea" Mintz, Meadow Ridge resident
Enid Busch

"It didn’t take me long to realize it was a wonderful decision." Enid and her late husband, Raymond, quickly found life at Meadow Ridge rewarding — even more so when Raymond needed care in the Health Center.

Enid Busch, Meadow Ridge resident
Grady Jensen

"I don’t have the foggiest recollection of how we heard of Meadow Ridge, but I’m certainly glad we did. Meadow Ridge is undoubtedly the best decision we ever made."

Grady Jensen, Meadow Ridge resident
Betty Lee Kent

"Coming to a community sooner can give you such a better life. People focus on the cost while forgetting all the things they pay for now. Look at how much you get here."

Betty Lee Kent, Meadow Ridge resident
Judy Manderbach

After Judy and her husband, Aaron, looked at several communities, but none measured up to Meadow Ridge. "They take very good care of us. It’s luxury living in a beautiful setting. We live a very free and relaxed lifestyle. That’s just as it should be."

Judy Manderbach, Meadow Ridge resident
Bill & Mary Morris

"Meadow Ridge was the obvious choice. The people here are extremely friendly." Bill and Mary Morris share how they gave up their big, empty nest for life at Meadow Ridge and how that decision has now become a family affair.

Bill & Mary Morris, Meadow Ridge residents

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A Seamless Transition

Discover how one couple made the transition from a large home to the maintenance-free lifestyle at Meadow Ridge.

A senior couple reading the New York Times

Healthy Lifestyle

Listen as Meadow Ridge resident Tony Wiggins and Fitness Center Manager Paul Brown talk about staying healthier longer.

A senior woman swims to the edge of the pool to pose for the camera

Lifelong Learning

Meet Lea Mintz, a Meadow Ridge resident and one of the founders of Norwalk Community College, who helped establish our lifelong learning program.

A senior woman types on a computer

The Trails at Meadow Ridge

Come along as resident Bill Balch shares his love of the walking trails and other hidden gems on Meadow Ridge’s campus.

A senior man walks his dog on the Meadow Ridge property

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