Peace Corps Volunteer Dan Sharp: “It was a dramatic, exciting thing to do.”

The Meadow Ridge resident recently talked about his life-changing experience with News12Connecticut.
Dan Sharp
March '23

Meadow Ridge resident Dan Sharp was living in San Francisco when then-presidential candidate John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop where he gave a speech about the Peace Corps.

Dan, then Deputy Attorney General of California, said the speech “hit me like a bolt of lightning.” He decided then and there that he wanted to help. “It was a dramatic, exciting thing to do,” he remembers thinking.

Sharp worked with Sargent Shriver, Director of the Peace Corps, to help negotiate treaties with the first five countries that agreed to work with the organization. “We all felt wonderful about being part of this,” he says.

Dan, 90, is working on a memoir about his seven years with the Peace Corps. He recently sat down with News 12 Connecticut to discuss his experience, view the link below.  In addition you can read his interview on page 6 of the Redding Sentinel.  View Here.

See Dan’s interview with WTNH.