Ann Sertl: Senior Director of Community Relations

Ann Sertl Meadow Ridge

Ann Sertl has worked in a number of senior living communities in her career, but none quite like Meadow Ridge. “It’s physically beautiful, I love the residents, it feels like coming home,” she says. “It’s always been the best fit for me.”

Ann Sertl’s Career Journey

Ann’s career at Meadow Ridge, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Redding, Conn, began 20 years ago when the campus was newly opened.  As a young working mom, she was initially hired as a part-time receptionist but quickly moved into the marketing department and then sales. After ten years she left, but eventually found her way back as senior director of community relations. “One of the benefits of Meadow Ridge is that it’s a big community and there’s lots of opportunity and room to grow in your career.”

There’s also ample room for residents to grow, both socially and intellectually, from the vast array of opportunities Meadow Ridge provides. Ann’s time at the community has allowed her to watch residents form new friendships and explore their talents, well into their senior years. “Residents can share their background, their history, their hobbies, talents. Whether it’s an art exhibit, a lecture or bringing their collective experience here, people are interested.”

Making Memorable Connections

One of her favorite memories is about the first president of the Meadow Ridge Residents Association.  “When he passed away, another resident stood up at the memorial service and said, ‘I never knew I could meet my best friend in my 80s.’ It’s those connections people don’t realize they’re going to have when they move to a senior living community. The social component is almost more important than the care that’s available to them.”

The Meadow Ridge campus has grown tremendously since Ann first started working here. An entire neighborhood dedicated to mind and memory care was added and has since expanded, there are new homes in the independent living neighborhood, the bistro opened its doors, and the fitness area expanded.

Ann has also been there long enough to see second generation residents move in, which “is a pretty cool connection for me to have.” Most of all, though, “It’s the people. I just love getting to know people. That’s what gets me excited. It’s really amazing the trust that you build very quickly. It does feel like an extended family.”

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