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Hiring a Move Manager: A (Nearly) Stress-Free Move

Elaine Tyler

When Elaine Tyler broke her foot the injury, and the fact that her Brookfield, Connecticut, condo had stairs, meant she had to go live with her son for eight weeks as she recovered. Despite being in great health, Elaine said the accident shed light on the vulnerability of living alone at nearly 80 years old. Following discussions with family, they agreed to explore local senior living options.

For several months, she and her children visited communities. Elaine said all of them had their unique charm, but it was the welcoming atmosphere, sunny atrium, and large apartments at Meadow Ridge that eventually won her over.

Working closely with Elizabeth Cuneo, Meadow Ridge’s dedicated Move-In Coordinator, to select her apartment, Elaine was put in touch with Patty Gabal, a downsizing expert with Startdust Move Managers.

After an initial consultation, Patty and her associates worked with Elaine over three separate sessions to go room-by-room and take inventory of her belongings. By moving day, everything was packed, including items she was taking with her and those she was leaving for loved ones.

Following a relaxing evening in one of the community’s guest suites the night before her move, Elaine met Patty’s team at her apartment the next morning, where Patty’s team unpacked boxes and helped arrange larger pieces of furniture for her.

Elaine said she’s moved seven or eight times in her life, and while it’s never really stress-free, the support, guidance and peace of mind she received from Patty and the Meadow Ridge moving team made this one of the easiest of the bunch.

Thinking about senior living? Call us at (203) 493-4844 to see how we can help make your move as worry-free as Elaine’s.

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