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How to Prepare Children and Family for Your Move into Independent Senior Living

Family preparing to move

Have you ever wondered about moving into a CCRC (continuing care retirement community)? Or maybe you’ve gone further than wondering.

For those who’ve evaluated their senior living options and found that the ideal place to enjoy the next chapter of their lives is a Life Plan Community – congratulations. You’ve taken a smart step toward a happier, more carefree life.

It’s an exciting time for you as you anticipate and plan your move. But it’s important to also keep your children in mind as you proceed. This is a decision that will affect them. Prepare them by discussing the benefits for you, and also for them. Here’s how to talk about moving into a retirement home. Because whether or not your kids realize it yet, your decision is really a gift to them.

Downsizing now

First, it means you’ll tackle the sorting, decluttering and downsizing now. It’s a significant burden lifted, knowing they won’t face those responsibilities later, possibly while under duress.

Additionally, they may have strong emotions about giving up the family house. Allow them to say goodbye to a place that has so many fond memories associated with it. Involve them in the process of downsizing. They’ll be able to identify heirlooms, collectibles, or other items that have particular sentimental value to them and wish to keep. The items can stay in the family – but not in your home.

A plan for everyone’s future

Your decision to move into a Life Plan Community resolves your children’s concerns about your safety and well-being. You’ll all have the security of knowing there is a continuum of care available, if and when you need a higher level of care. If the unplanned-for happens, your children won’t be thrust into the position of making decisions on your behalf. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll never be a burden to your family if your health declines.

Addressing misconceptions

A common concern among seniors unfamiliar with independent living is that they’d be moving to a “nursing home” and resigning themselves to being “old folks.” But sometimes it’s actually the adult children whose preconceptions get in the way of their parents making a lifestyle decision that may be best for them.

If, while having the talk about moving into a retirement home, your children show concern that you’ll be moving to a nursing home with people dependent upon canes or walkers, you can happily let them know your new home will be far from what they’re thinking of. Seniors move to independent living communities when they’re still active, so they can enjoy a lifestyle that is dynamic, carefree, and convenient.

When your kids see you’re experiencing maintenance-free living, with easy access to diverse social activities and fitness opportunities, as well as great food that someone else prepares and serves, you may have to deal with them being a little jealous of you.


Your happiness

Most of all, your family likes it when you’re happy. Choose well, and your senior independent living community lifestyle will delight you. New friends, plenty to do – and your family will look forward to visiting you in your new home. Fortunately, many communities have apartments available for guests. Here at Meadow Ridge, we have guest suites reserved for use by family and friends who are visiting residents.

In fact, senior living communities can be a great place for grandchildren to visit. Some communities host intergenerational activities to allow grandparents and grandchildren opportunities to bond and grow. Many have a pool, which is always a hit with kids. And depending on the community, the grounds can offer a place to garden together, take a hike, play with a pet, or just chat outside.

Today’s seniors have access to more types of care than ever. For many, Life Plan Communities are the ideal living situation. At Meadow Ridge, our LifeCare® program is your assurance that, in addition to independent living, if your needs ever change, you’ll receive the assisted living, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing services you need right here on our campus. Call +1-203-544-1000 to schedule a personal tour for you and your family.

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