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Meadow Ridge Resident Reflects on Her Passion for Quilting


What began as a hobby to make a quilt for each of her four daughters, has blossomed into a lifelong passion for Meadow Ridge resident Susan Mason. Intertwining love, creativity and the many benefits of quilting into every stitch she meticulously makes.

150 Quilts and Counting

Resident Susan M. showing one of her many quilts
Susan, left displaying one her quilts with one of her granddaughters.

Much like the children’s verse “The Song that Doesn’t End,” you could say that Susan Mason has the quilt that doesn’t end.

“I have four daughters,” she explains. “I wanted to make each one a quilt and that was it.”

Now, 20 years later and Susan is still sewing. In fact, she has made more than 150 quilts, including 33 for her grandchildren. “I have 18 grandkids and made them each one when they were born and one when they turned 16. I have three left to make.”

Susan stitches the top and bottom of the quilt and brings the pieces to a long-arm quilter to sew them together with the batting. She’s kept just eight of her quilts; the rest, she’s given away. Several have been displayed at Meadow Ridge, the continuing care retirement community in Redding, Connecticut where Susan now lives.

Each Quilt Tells a Story

“I love picking out fabrics for the people I’m making it for. It’s wonderful to watch it come together from the piles of tiny squares of color.” Each time she begins a pattern, she does so with the recipient in mind. For instance, four of her grandchildren were hockey players. She made them quilts out of their jerseys, memorializing their names and player numbers.

“Each one tells a story. Every one of them is special to me and to the people I give them to,” shares Susan.

Activities to Nourish Mind, Body and Spirit

Engaging in activities like quilting promotes relaxation, mindfulness and a sense of accomplishment, enhancing overall well-being. At Meadow Ridge, we recognize the importance of nurturing the mind, body and spirit, offering a variety of activities that foster connection, creativity and cognitive stimulation for our residents.

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