Resident Ruth Wolsch: From Operating Room Director to Procedure Teaching Jet-Setter

resident ruth wolsch

Nurses make a difference in many areas of healthcare, far beyond the demands of administering medicine, checking blood pressure and relaying questions to a doctor.

During National Nurses Week, our community is proud to highlight one of our very own: Resident Ruth Wolsch, 79, a former nurse who shares her home at Meadow Ridge with her husband.

According to Wolsch, she felt her calling to help and heal during her teenage years. She credits her path to both the influence of a beloved aunt who served as a registered nurse and exposure to career planning as a part of her high school curriculum.

While she became a registered nurse first, Wolsch went on to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Following seven years in the position of operating room director, she embarked on a diverse and challenging career teaching new and evolving surgical technologies in locations across the globe. Ruth spent the next 30 years teaching doctors and other medical personnel the application of new surgical technologies. Her career in teaching took her to hospitals and universities across the country and beyond. Ruth traveled to places like Australia, Japan, Germany and France, teaching new surgical technologies.

“Teaching allowed me to impart knowledge and experience I have gained to others enabling them to learn and develop skills and abilities to work well in their chosen field. Little can be as gratifying as positively impacting another person’s life,” Wolsch says.

We are inspired by Wolsch, who dedicated just over 40 years to the nursing field, as well as by all the nurses and nurses’ aides who delicately blend the best of science and art by caring for people and helping them heal.

“The humanitarian aspect and the caring about and for others in nursing is the driving force to choose the profession. The required knowledge is extensive, the work is not easy and it is far from the most lucrative profession, however the satisfaction of helping others is the rewarding factor,” Ruth said.

It is an honor to have Ruth as a resident on our campus, sharing her story and inspiring our team of nursing professionals.

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