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From Senior Move Managers to Packing: Top 10 Move-In Tips

Older adults moving out of home

Moving can be stressful. For anyone. Feelings of anxiety, fear and confusion can be overwhelming, and for older adults, these emotions can be compounded when the decision is made to leave a home they’ve spent decades creating. Across the country, the number of senior move managers continues to grow. These individuals make it their business to help ease the moving process for older adults. Last month, The New York Times published an article highlighting this trend, adding that these professionals specialize in everything from downsizing and trash removal, to liaising with family who may want certain belongings.

At Meadow Ridge, there’s Elizabeth Cuneo, the community’s dedicated Move-In Coordinator. Over the past decade, she’s helped countless older adults make the transition to senior living. She’s heard it all and seen it all, and offers these top 10 tips to help with a nearly stress-free move:

  1. Work closely with the community’s Move-In Coordinator or Move Management Team during the process.
  2. Make apartment selections with the Move-In Coordinator as soon as possible.
  3. The Senior Move Manager is an important part of the moving process, and is a professional who specializes in assisting seniors with the physical and emotional aspects of moving. This person will help you develop an overall move plan.
  4. Take advantage of any move assistance programs offered by the community. For example, Meadow Ridge will pay $5,000 toward your move.
  5. Keep detailed to-do lists such as:
    • Update address with banks
    • Transfer/cancel utilities
    • Update Power of Attorney
    • Create change of address cards
  6. If you have a pet, be sure it’s up to date with its shots, and that you have registered your pet with the community before move-in. Be sure to bring its bed, food and treats on move-in day.
  7. During this stressful time, it’s important to be sure you eat and stay hydrated.
  8. If possible, plan to stay at the community the night before your move-in day to get a good night’s sleep! Leave the packing to the professionals.
  9. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials (your medications, personal items, cell phone, laptop and chargers).
  10. On move-in day, enjoy a morning massage, take a walk or have a nice lunch, and let the move-in team unpack.

Looking for more information on moving to Meadow Ridge or move in tips? Call (203) 493-4844.

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