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Why We Moved to Meadow Ridge: The Wylie’s

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Bob Wylie and his wife made the decision to leave their Greenwich home of more than 50 years and move north to Meadow Ridge and the Connecticut countryside. It wasn’t an easy decision, but a wise one. As an older adult in relatively good health, the former marketing VP and World War II veteran began to realize that in the near future, they would need some form of additional living support.

This honest self-awareness is often the difference between transitioning to senior living at an optimum time, or waiting until it’s too late. As Wylie says, it’s the importance of timing in relation to decision-making.

Three Key Considerations

For the Wylies, there were three main components that went into their decision to embrace senior living – economics, long-term health care and lifestyle.

Economics: From a financial standpoint, timing is essential. Wylie says it’s more cost-effective to make the move before you need the services and protect yourself longterm, rather than wait and be forced into a nursing home or other less desirable setting. A 2015 Urban Institute study said that, on average, a 65-year-old today will incur more than $138,000 in future lifetime expenses for severe long-term needs, and 15% of them will incur more than $250,000.

Long-Term Health Care: In the same vein, the spectrum of care at Lifecare Communities like Meadow Ridge offers residents and their families peace of mind that if more comprehensive support is needed – Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing – the services and dedicated professionals are not only available, but on campus where they already reside and offered at more manageable rates.

Lifestyle: In terms of lifestyle, Wylie stresses this differs for everyone. For some, Meadow Ridge’s allure may be its sprawling campus and acres of outdoor spaces. For others, it may be the on-site activities and learning opportunities. For the Wylies, it was the variety of activities, fine dining options and location – the Meadow Ridge campus is within 10 minutes of three of their four children.

Exploring Your Options

What are your reasons for considering senior living? What’s holding you back? Download this free Senior Living Guide for tips and insights into finding the best community for you.

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