Outpatient care that rivals inpatient care.

If you require outpatient therapy, we offer services for residents and non-residents that are as effective as our inpatient services—but without the stay. We provide these outpatient therapy services with a prescription from your primary care physician.

  • Strength & Mobility Training
  • Muscle Re-Education
  • Hot and Cold Modalities
  • Ultrasound
  • Diathermy
  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Education/Training in Daily Living Skills
  • Strength and Range of Motion
  • Cognitive Integration
  • Sensory Motor Skills Retraining
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Design and Application of Orthoses
Resident and nurse

  • Leading-Edge Therapies
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Therapies for Those with Difficulty Swallowing
  • Dysphagia Therapies