Laura Bennett

Residency Counselor

Role and Responsibilities

In her role as Residency Counselor at Meadow Ridge, Laura Bennett plays a pivotal role in assisting prospective residents in determining if the community is the right fit for them. She serves as a trusted guide, introducing the variety of activities, programs and amenities that the community has to offer. Through personalized interactions, she ensures that each prospective resident receives comprehensive insights into the vibrant lifestyle awaiting them at Meadow Ridge, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future.

One of the things she loves best about her job is showing prospects all the available activities at Meadow Ridge. The best part for her is, “When they start to react: All the things that make their faces light up—those are the things that make me feel happy,” she says. “I tell them, ‘It’s the beginning of a wonderful new chapter and one you deserve after working so hard.’”

Industry Expertise

“I said I would come back to this one day because I love it,” says Laura, who worked with seniors at Heritage Village in Southbury during college summers. In 2019, “I was absolutely ready to make the change,” she says, so she applied for an opening at Meadow Ridge and has been here ever since. With a career spanning across notable companies such as Comcast and Cablevision, Laura possesses a deep understanding of the media landscape and consumer behavior. Her expertise lies in leveraging various marketing channels to connect with audiences effectively, ensuring the message resonates with seniors seeking vibrant community living options.

Passion for Senior Care

Laura’s affinity for working with seniors traces back to her college days when she spent summers at Heritage Village in Southbury. This early exposure ignited her passion for enriching the lives of older adults, eventually leading her to pursue a career dedicated to senior care and wellness. “I always had a passion for working with seniors,” she says. “So, this is full circle for me.”

Career Journey

After earning her degree, Laura embarked on a dynamic career in cable television. Although she briefly explored other industries, including a stint at a Life Plan Community, her heart remained devoted to serving seniors. In 2019, she embraced the opportunity to transition fully into the senior living sector, joining the Meadow Ridge team where she continues to make a meaningful impact.


Laura earned her degree from Southern Connecticut State University and began a career in advertising sales.

Leadership Philosophy

Laura’s leadership philosophy revolves around empathy, compassion and a genuine commitment to improving the lives of others. She believes in fostering a supportive environment where residents feel valued and empowered to pursue their interests and passions.

Personal Interests

When she’s not working, Laura is an avid outdoors person who hikes, skis and golfs. “My favorite place is outside,” she explains. She is active in her church and is also a singer, most recently part of a female jazz trio called “Here Comes Trouble” that performed at fundraisers and other events.

Laura lives in Southbury and has two adult children. “They are my joy,” she says.