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Retiring in Fairfield County, CT: What You Can Expect

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Look around Fairfield County and you’ll quickly discover why so many people choose this charming part of Connecticut for their retirement. As for picturesque beauty, this enclave of New England is second to none. The landscape offers rolling hills, lush woodlands and beautiful shorelines.
Springs and summers are pleasant, autumns transform the region into a stunning tapestry of brilliant colors, and winters offer peaceful snowfalls and a wealth of seasonal activities.

Staying active outdoors

The benefits of retiring in such a beautiful part of the world include the countless opportunities for fun outdoors. Whether you’re as busy as ever or maybe slowing down a bit, you’ll find activities to suit your interests and abilities.

As we age, sometimes it’s harder to find a reason to head outside. But in the right place, opportunity truly comes knocking. For instance, at Meadow Ridge, an all-inclusive retirement community in the hills above Redding, CT, residents indulge in all manner of outdoor activities. For seniors who are still independent or those needing a hand through assisted living, in Fairfield County there are appropriate activities to be enjoyed that offer an uplifting sense of fulfillment.

  • Birdwatching is an activity with a lot of flexibility. You can enjoy it alone or with a group, in a park or back yard. Visit the article to learn tips for getting started.
  • Gardening offers the satisfaction of producing beautiful flora or even your own produce. Read about the benefits of farm-to-table dining here.
  • Walking is a no-hassle way to immerse yourself in nature – and Fairfield County presents countless locations to set out and enjoy the beauty. Whether it’s a stroll along the shoreline of Long Island Sound or a hike through a state park, there are walks for practically every level of exertion and ability.

Staying social is half the fun.

A study published by discusses the health and safety risks of social isolation among older adults.

Luckily, retirement in Fairfield County offers plenty of opportunity to get out of the house with friends or family. If you live near or are visiting central Fairfield County, 11 Things to Do in and Around the Town of Redding, Connecticut suggests destinations for day trips in the area and to New York City, as well as other fun excursions.

Here are a few tips to maintain a social lifestyle while you share interests and good times with peers:

  • Volunteer. It’s easy to get involved. Contact schools, hospitals, libraries, soup kitchens, churches and local charities. Your talents are valuable and your efforts will be appreciated.
  • Start a hobby that welcomes one or more companions. Whether playing cards, scrapbooking, joining a book club, knitting or fishing, make it a point to meet regularly to enjoy a hobby together. In addition to being fun in the moment, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.
  • Meet with friends. Activity isn’t necessary. Simply share a morning cup of coffee, lunch, tea or sitting at the park. See a weekly movie or pass the time of day. Any regular meeting with friends is time well spent.
  • Consider a retirement community. The best options are inherently social, with practically limitless opportunities to enjoy time with like-minded peers.

Keep learning, keep growing.

Even when we slow down physically, we can find tremendous benefits from intellectual growth. More than ever, older adults are exploring new subjects and gaining personal fulfillment from the process. You might be surprised at how beneficial the simple act of learning can be. If you’re curious (curiosity is good!), here are 8 reasons why intellectual pursuits are a good idea for seniors:

  1. Improves your self confidence
  2. Fights boredom
  3. Keeps your brain healthy and your mind sharp
  4. Helps you learn practical skills
  5. Makes you a positive role model for your children and grandchildren
  6. Becomes a rewarding leisure activity
  7. Helps you sleep more soundly
  8. Can contribute to overall health

What if you could have all in one place?

Fairfield County is home to a number of retirement communities, including Meadow Ridge, which offers active independent living, as well as the security of assisted livingskilled nursing, as well as short- and long-term rehabilitation services.

For those looking for the finer things during retirement, you’ll find them at Meadow Ridge. This is a lifestyle steeped in classic hospitality, where needs are anticipated by a diligent staff. Apartment homes are elegant and community amenities are in place to make life more enjoyable for residents.

On an expansive campus, residents engage in all manner of rewarding pursuits. The setting itself is incomparable, with meadows, forests, a fishing pond and other bucolic features. Residents have even started a birdwatching club to admire the hundreds of local species. Those who enjoy gardening ply their talents at The Farm, a robust resident-run garden. Their tasty harvests become farm-to-table delicacies served by the executive chef in the formal and casual dining rooms.

Meadow Ridge organizes frequent social outings and cultural excursions. Lifelong learning opportunities are also available through a unique partnership with Norwalk Community College.

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